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CONSUMER NOTICE: Be wary of any advertisements or promise that a timber replacement guarantee applies as regards termite damage to a building employing a termite colony elimination system. Does this Arrangement stipulate from the fine print that the so called"warranty" may (or may not) apply at any future time to be determined by the business.

There can be no guarantee of long-term security of buildings. There can be other termite nests nearby the construction that don't locate the bait stations. Your home is a bait station. Termite nests may exist beneath in-fill patios of neighboring lands and tangible flooring. .

The Sentricon baits are put in their in-ground lure stations after elimination of the wood there. This may involve adequate disruption of these termites such that they avoid the in-ground Sentricon bait channel .



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In which the timber is aligned across the cylinder such that the bait can be inserted without such disturbance of the present, the patented Exterra Termite Stations overcome this.

RECOMMENDATION: Exterra or Sentricon be utilized where a complete soil barrier treatment with Premise or Termidor is not practicable or desirable, and in which there are a thousand termites likely to eat the bait.



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Not known Facts About Termite Free Naturally Pest Termite & Pest Control Adelaide7 Easy Facts About Customised Pest Termite & Pest Control Adelaide Explained

A termite monitoring and baiting program could be incorporated with a range of methods including (1) drilling vulnerable trees and eradication of any termite nest situated therein,And (2) in conjunction with a follow up chemical soil treatment with Termidor or Premise.

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Construction infestation and rapid termite colony growth is associated with moisture source and a readily available timber food . In addition, buildings are usually constructed in a manner that allow termites to gain entry that was imperceptible into the structural timbers of this building from the soil. Listed below are some helpful recommendations for the house owner so as to decrease the risk of termite activity inside a building to execute. .

Moisture exception from in the wall cavities, around the base of the construction and sub-floor area (if any). The setup of ag-drains can excludes from a sub floor area water run-off. Make certain there is adequate flow ventilation in the sub floor location. In addition, a plumber should be engaged to ensure there is no water leakage from pipes pipes in the bathroom, the shower webpage recess, kitchenpipes, guttering and ac unit overflow.

Please notice: moisture, dampness or high humidity accumulating at a wall cavity is of high risk to encouraging scale termite activity inside the building. .

Removal of any timber in contact. Timbers should be stored above floor to permit full inspection of underground termite activity (coming out of the soil thereunder). Any landscaping using railroad sleepers and timber chip mulch must be removed, as they supply ready food supply to help in quick termite colony growth. .



The Best Guide To Termite Free Naturally Pest Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

Ensure inspection access is unimpeded, especially in sub-floor areas (suspended flooring ) in order to search for signs of termite activity. Make sure you can inspect the external slab edge for signs of termite tubes, if your house is on a concrete slab on ground floors. Do NOT allow this region to be coated by pavers, landscaping, planter pots, etc, as termites often gain entry into the walls of a building through this area, especially through external weep holes and minute (2 mm) openings in the mortar in brick-work. .

If you find termites or termite damaged timbers the area disturbs. DO NOT use spray insecticides on the termites or can. The termites will probably move everywhere if disturbed, and might not be rediscovered until obvious damage was done. The termite controller can present termite dust or Exterra termite bait directly to the live termites within an effort to get rid of the termite colony - as discussed in detail above. .

Client Note: the installation of a chemical soil barrier doesn't negate the need for qualified inspections - at least 3 to 6 months where the termite risk is elevated.



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We recommend 3 or 6 monthly tests be performed for the first 2 years following a chemical soil treatment. Monitoring of"standalone" baiting systems

BE AWARE the correct identification of harmful termite species, inspection of a construction for tell-tale signals, analysis of circumstances and execution of an effective termkite control program requires expert skill and judgement based upon professional instruction and extensive field-work experience in termite control in a vast array of circumstances.

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